LASH. believes that eyelashes is the most important thing to have on a face. Eyelashes gives you presence. It does not necessarily make you more beautiful. Instead, it enhances your natural beauty and it allows you to possess the crowd. This is what we believe. And we want to spread this belief because everyone is allowed to be beautiful. It is your right to be noticed.

Why LASH.? Hand-made eyelashes are so much more comfortable to wear than a machine-made one. And this is a personal experience. We are proud to say that our eyelashes are 100% hand-made products from Indonesia (if you haven’t heard, Indonesia is the new “it” for eyelashes production). In addition to that, we are selling them at an affordable price!

We hold a huge variety of eyelashes for every occasion. From a casual day at the office to a fabulous night out, we will have the perfect eyelashes for you. If you want a natural look, go for our human hair products. It looks messy and natural, no one would notice you are wearing false eyelashes. This is perfect for a day at the office or a simple dinner. If you are an inexperienced eyelashes wearer, go for our regular products. It is mess-free, it is your friend. If you want to go wild and make a statement, go for our bold products or masquerade products. Bold eyelashes are very unique for their sharp pointed-tip to make them appear more curved. This style is a tad more complex to make, and we have a special netting technique for it. This is the one you want if you are looking for a dramatic look. And our masquerade products are unique for their colorful look and durability.

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